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Christianist Groups Call For Student Walk-Out On Day To Protest LGBT Bullying

Christianist groups are calling for a nationwide student walk-out in public schools that participate in next month's annual Day Of Silence, an event designed to call attention to the bullying of LGBT students. From Americans For Truth spokesdouche Peter LaBarbera:
TAKE ACTION: spread the word about the student walkout to protest the pro-homosexual-activist “Day of Silence” — on Friday, April 17 –by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network). Find out if your children’s (middle or high) school is endorsing the Day of Silence by allowing students (or teachers) to go “silent” during class time — thus disrupting the learning environment of all students. [snip]

Folks, it’s no secret that American public schools are failing at teaching the basics. So they need to get out of the values-adjustment (or should I say values-subversion) business. The “Day of Silence” is a thinly-veiled attempt to propagandize students using the time-tested technique of hyping homosexuals as victims. The “gay-victim” gig is getting very old, especially when one considers that the homosexual lobby is in the vanguard of: viciously demonizing Christians like Dr. James Dobson and equating religious moral teachings with “hate”; working to deny Christians the right to live by their own moral code; and “silencing” viewpoints with which they disagree. Help make the DOS walkout a success by spreading the word.
Pro-child violence hate groups encouraging the student walk-out include:
Abiding Truth Ministries; American Family Association (AFA) Michigan; AFA Pennsylvania; AFA National; Americans for Truth About Homosexuality; Association of Maryland Families; Called2Action; Campaign for Children and Families; Citizens for Community Values of Ohio; Coalition of Conscience; Community Issues Council; Concerned Women for America National; Concerned Women for America Washington; Culture Campaign; Faith2Action; Faith, Family & Freedom Alliance; Illinois Family Institute; Indiana Voice; Liberty Alliance Action; Liberty Counsel; Maine Family Policy Council; MassResistance; Mission America; Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX).
The above-named organizations are directly ENDORSING the violent bullying of LGBT students that takes place in every school in every city on every day. They have the blood of gay youth on their hands and they are PROUD to say so. If I were the parent of one of the many gay students that will kill themselves this year, I'd throw the child's ashes in their hate-filled faces.

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