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Commenting Update

In case you didn't visit here over the weekend, we've installed a new commenting system for JMG, courtesy of JS-Kit. You can now create a personal profile for yourself and include permanent links to your own blogs, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, etc. You can also embed YouTube clips and personal photos into your comments, as well as upload gravatars. Your responses to other readers are now nested below the originating comment. The old Haloscan comments have all been migrated into the new system, but only your new comments will show your new info.

There's also a WYIWYG text editor in there, but there are still a couple of glitches to work out - for example, block quoting doesn't work correctly and we don't have a preview pane yet. Comments are now showing below the text of the post. I'm hoping that we'll be able to go back to pop-up style comments boxes, but that may take a while. (I think there's a keyboard trick you can use to pop out the comments on your own. Anyone?)

Thanks go out to JS-Kit honcho Khris Loux and his engineer Phillipe, who worked out the install with me on a long conference call Friday night. I'm hoping the new system will prove a lot more stable than Haloscan had been recently, and more importantly, will be a little more fun for you folks and help send back more traffic from this here website thingy to your own sites.

UPDATE: It appears there may be a way to change the commenting order from "threaded" to "flat". I'm trying to see if we can make that your choice for any post, but if we have to pick one style for the entire blog, which would you prefer? Threaded or "nested" comments make it easy to see to whom one is replying, but "flat" makes it easier to see new comments.

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