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San Diego's Mayor Announces Lesbian Daughter's Engagement At Eve Of Justice

San Diego's very gay friendly Mayor Jerry Sanders announced the engagement of his lesbian daughter from the stage of yesterday's Eve Of Justice rally.
"I want to thank each of you for your dedication, and I see you all over the city and I see you marching and I see you talking to people, I see you lobbying, I see you doing things that make all of us proud as we go down this road to make sure that everybody is treated equally in the state of California. Now, I want to say (he pauses to gain his composure) -- these are always hard ones for me -- if it didn't involve my daughter and her partner, they wouldn't be hard things, but they became engaged to get married last week (wild cheering and applause), and their families are tremendously proud of them, we're tremendously excited to see two people who are committed to each other and we know will be excellent partners into the future. So this becomes even a more important issue for our family."
Photo and reporting by Rex Wockner. Please visit Wockner's blog for more coverage of San Diego's event as well a great gallery of photos.

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