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Sanctity Of Marriage, Vol. 83

If the man you "love" proposes to another woman on national TV, just wait for the next episode, he'll be back to propose to you.
After spending much of Monday night’s two-hour finale debating whether he would propose to Molly or Melissa, Jason popped the question to an elated Melissa, who quickly accepted. But the couple’s seemingly happy ending was short-lived. On The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, which immediately followed the finale Monday night but had been taped six weeks after the earlier program, Jason stunningly revealed to host Chris Harrison that things were not going to work out with Melissa, in large part because he still had strong feelings for Molly. “Over the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Molly,” Jason said. “If I could change the way I feel… I would do that, but I can’t.” Next, he revealed his feelings to Melissa, who angrily stormed off the set. A wary Molly appeared and allowed Jason to plead his case for a second chance. Ultimately, she agreed to give their love another shot.
Heterosexual couples are playing marriage roulette on national TV, and we're the ones redefining the institution. Don't hold your breath for outraged press releases from Focus On The Family.

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