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Stephen & Snakes

Our most recent Swag Tuesday winner is Stephen, who will be attending Rites XXX: The Black Party courtesy of the Saint-At-Large. Interestingly, Stephen will not be bestowing his other ticket on his boyfriend. Party in the balcony! I kid, I kid. Advance tickets are available online here.

RELATED: The promoters have asked me to mention that despite what this year's Black Party poster (NSFW) may imply, there will not be any actual snakes at this year's event. Apparently, they've been deluged with nervous emails from ophidiophobic leathermen. I love my people.

UPDATE: OK, I totally misunderstood what the Black Party folks were telling me about the snakes. At the party there will be a totally snake-free room set aside for snake-o-phobes to cower within during whatever snake-y performance they have planned. As the kids say, my bad.

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