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YouTube Music Vids Blocked In UK

YouTube users in the UK cannot see music videos at the moment, thanks to another breakdown between Google and the major music publishers.
Google Inc. said Monday it will block U.K. users from watching music videos on its popular video-sharing site YouTube after negotiations with Britain's music royalty-collecting body broke down. Google said it would begin blocking British users starting Monday night. The Internet titan said it knew the move would cause "significant disappointment." But it said its hand was forced by PRS for Music, which it said is asking for royalties that would cause Google to lose money every time a video was played on YouTube. "Our previous license from PRS for Music has expired, and we've been unable so far to come to an agreement to renew it on terms that are economically sustainable for us," Google said in a statement
In other YouTube news, Google also isn't pleased about Muziic, a new free program written by a 15 year old whiz kid which allows you to stream all of YouTube's music content into an iTunes-like player, allowing users to create seamless playlists. Google is probably going to quash Muziic like a bug, so you might want to check it out while you can.

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