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Bloomberg Goes Back To GOP

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will run for his third term as a Republican.
Mayor Bloomberg will run for reelection as a Republican this fall, the Daily News has learned, after successfully courting the party to let him back on its ballot line two years after he left it. "Mayor Bloomberg and I have had healthy disagreements over issues at times, but I know he is the right person to lead this city forward," said Jay Savino, chairman of the Bronx GOP, who followed his Brooklyn and Staten Island counterparts to become the third county chairman to back the mayor. Bloomberg twice ran for mayor as a Republican, but quit the party in 2007 when he was contemplating an independent run for President. He is still a registered Independent, and thus needed permission from a majority of the five party chairmen to run on their line.
Bloomberg recently won the right to run for a third term after the NYC Council controversially overturned its own two-term limit rule. He is expected to be easily reelected.

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