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At The Anti-Gay Evangelicals Rally

Even though I knew that today's AIDS Walk in Central Park would severely diminish our numbers, I'll confess that I'm disappointed in today's turnout to oppose Sen. Ruben Diaz' anti-gay rally outside Gov. Paterson's office. The haters bused in thousands (many out of state plates on those buses) and one cop told me the mayor's office had estimated the crowd at 10,000.

The evangelicals stayed mostly very positive, I will say, delivering nothing by smiles and heavily-accented "Jesus loves you" type messages as they passed the 50-60 LGBT activists waving "Thank You, Governor" placards and banners. Only the men shouted "REPENT!!", which I found interesting. The NYPD had set up eight block-long pens along Third Avenue, six for the evangelicals - which were full - and two for the good guys (which was about 1.75 more pens than we needed.)

Noted LGBT activists on hand: Eric Leven, rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker, and DADT victim Lt. Dan Choi, who outed himself again, this time as a JMG reader. Slideshow below, video to follow shortly. Then it's back to midtown for a much more uplifting event - Broadway Impact's massive rally of stars and supportive politicos. Full-screen versions of the below photos are here.

BELOW: The crowd squealed with the Holy Spirit when they spotted their messiah, Homophobe #1 state Sen. Ruben Diaz walking towards the stage. This clip will be active shortly, I have to run to the big rally near Times Square.

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