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Carrie Prejean (Sort Of) Fired

Only pageant owner Donald Trump can fire Carrie Prejean, but today Miss California USA pageant officials did their best to push her out by naming runner-up Tami Ferrell as their new "ambassador" for California.
Carrie Prejean, the controversial Miss California, was neither fired nor embraced today by local pageant officials. Instead, frustrated officials said at a news conference in Beverly Hills that they would simply circumvent her and appoint first runner-up Tami Farrell as "our official Beauty of California ambassador." In effect, they created a shadow Miss California to fulfill the appearances they claim Prejean has been unavailable to do. The co-executive director of the pageant, Keith Lewis, described the local pageant as little more than helpless passengers “on this runaway train.” He added: “But that ends today.”
Trump is expected to issue his decision tomorrow. Pageant officials say that Prejean has been completely unavailable to them and declined to participate in the below PSA titled I Believe, in which past beauty queens endorse a respectful exchange of ideas.

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