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NH House Marriage Bill Fails, Revote Being Sought

The New Hampshire House has voted 188-186 against the revised marriage equality bill requested by Gov. John Lynch. More:
The Senate earlier approved the amendment on a 14-10 party-line vote, but the House rejected the change, 188-186. The House was left with the choice to kill the amendment or send it to committee, and it elected to send it to committee. That means the amendment could come to the floor again this session. The House will attempt to negotiate a compromise with the Senate. Critics have said that the amendment reflects religious protections already guaranteed on the state and federal constitutions and that the bill would not protect other businesses that don't want to participate in same-sex marriages. Supporters argued that the bill should not be written to allow discrimination.
Over 20 House members were absent for today's vote. The bill can be voted again during the current session.

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