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Male Pair Auditions On Season Premiere Of So You Think You Can Dance

And homophobia reigns. In a first for the show, last night's season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance featured a male couple (one straight, one gay). Who both fell on their asses. Damn. The judges didn't like the idea of a male pair at all, with one saying, "I think you'd probably alienate our audience" and "I like to see guys be guys and girls be girls on stage." Another said, "I'm confused because I see that sometimes you're both being the female role." Argh. Starts around 5:00. And yes, the producers played them in with It's Raining Men. Double argh.

UPDATE: AfterElton rips the hosts and interviews one of the dancers who says:
It was more offensive than what they showed. Nigel said that he's not sure that the fathers watching this at home would be encouraged to take their sons to allow them to learn to dance. Nigel told me that they [the show] has spent all these seasons trying to build up the idea that a male can dance and make it more acceptable, and we didn't really help the cause. I told him that I have a father, too, and I went through that. I told him that the country is already going through a lot of changes and could handle some more. Nigel didn't say anything to that.

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