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Sunday's Sermons: "Patriot Pastors" To Call For "Crushing" Of Hate Crimes Bill

Pastor Paul Blair of Reclaiming Oklahoma For Christ is spearheading a national drive for the nation's "patriot pastors" to call for a "crushing" of the Senate's hate crimes bill this Sunday.
"Just think, if pastors would get up on their pulpits and teach folks about how the issues of today are going to affect them and then lead them, we can make a difference," he said. "The problem is we don't hear the truth. We don't hear it in the media, we don't hear it in schools and our pastors have been taught to remain silent." But Blair said he intends to change that. "Brethren, it's our turn," he said. "As we reflect this Memorial Day weekend on the great price paid for the liberty that we enjoy, let us not lose that same liberty on our watch. Join with a group of patriot pastors across our nation and teach your flock about this dangerous hate crimes legislation and lead them in combating this brazen effort to criminalize Christianity in America."
Janet Porter's Faith2Action claims to have deluged the Senate with 450,000 letters demanding a "no" vote on what they continue to call the "Pedophile Protection Act." The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to pass the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (S.909) to the full Senate in coming weeks.

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