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SuperMegaMassive Daily Grumble

See me standing in from of Gilbert Baker's fancy new March On Washington banner? Can you tell I'm dying a little inside? You see, the MOW is tentatively scheduled for October 10th, which happens to be my 50th birthday. Very cool, you say? No, no, dammit NO.

About six months ago my generous and beloved family of friends decided that we would make a mass excursion to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday at this year's Remember The Party, where my pal DJ Jerry Bonham will spin the classics of the venerated Trocadero Transfer at its original location. My pals created one of those fancy private invitation websites, we've booked a huge place to stay, and lots of the guys have already bought their plane tickets. At this writing, it looks like I have about 25 friends coming from NYC, Philly, DC, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. Plus all my SF peeps who've signed on. I've been so verklempt about the whole thing, such amazing love shown to me, that I tear up any time I look at the invite page and see all those faces.

So yeah, we're kinda screwed about the March On Washington. And almost ALL of these guys would have gone, definitely. It's killing me. KILLING ME, I tells ya. Our only hope is that our ruling gay overlords decide on any date other than Columbus Day weekend. Hey, I hear DC is amazingly lovely in November.

(Photo via Father Tony's Flickr gallery)

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