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The Geese Are Cooked

Speaking of more reasonable animal rights activists, the Humane Society is unhappy that the Port Authority is conducting a campaign to kill about 2000 Canada geese around JFK and LaGuardia airports. About 200 birds have been killed so far in attempt to reduce them as a threat to aviation after US Airways 1549 was forced into the Hudson after hitting a flock of flying Canucks. A petition drive to stop the killings has sprung up. The Humane Society:
"Canada geese, in particular, can be successfully managed with nonlethal techniques including hazing, aversive conditioning, egg addling and landscape management"—scarecrows and balloons help scare geese—"In short, geese are not attracted to places that are not attractive - and that simple approach should guide airport area managers. Such an approach was proposed for New York City and unfortunately rejected."
(Via - Gothamist)

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