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Haters Lose, No Vote On DC Marriage

A Washington DC Superior Court has just dismissed the case filed by anti-gay Bishop Harry Jackson and others, clearing the way for the District to begin recognizing same-sex marriages on July 6th.
The decision from Judge Judith Retchin to deny a preliminary injunction and grant the city’s motion to dismiss means there will be no referendum on the recognition statute, which will likely become law July 6 after a congressional review of the law is completed. Congress is not expected to undo the legislation. Retchin determined that the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics ruled properly that the proposed referendum, sought by a coalition of area clergy, was an improper subject for a ballot question because it would violate the city’s Human Rights Act. The act, she said, makes it “unlawful for the government to deny services or benefits based on membership in a protected category,” and there are some 200 rights and responsibilities conferred to married couples that are not given to legally recognized same sex couples.
Stand by for more screaming and foot-stomping by Bishop Jackson. It should be quite delicious.

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