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Peter LaBarbera Lies For Jeebus. Again.

In a piece instantly lapped up by wingnut sites like World Net Daily and others, leather-fascinated closet case Peter LaBarbera has trained his beady pig-eyes for the first time on NYC's Folsom Street East. Sending an undercover cameraman into the paid-admission only event, Porno Pete has again published photos of unsuspecting fairgoers, making the ridiculous claim that "hundreds of fully nude men" roamed Chelsea's West 28th street engaging in "sadistic homosexual" acts in "violation of New York City's lewdness laws."

Reading LaBarbera's post, a friend of mine commented, "Wow, he makes it sound better than it was!"

Hundreds of naked men? Not hardly. I was there for five hours and saw maybe six nude guys out of about 10,000 attendees. (Six nude guys I could have done without, as these things always go. "The goggles! They do nothing!") There weren't even that many guys with their shirts off, thanks to the rain and chilly weather. Embiggen the photo below, taken at the height of the fair while Chi Chi LaRue was cracking up the crowd. Hundreds of naked men engaging in perverted sadomasochistic sex? NO. As always, Peter LaBarbera is a fucking liar for Christ.

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