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HomoQuotable - Rachel Maddow

"It didn’t come to me in terms of like, 'I think I like that girl', or 'I think I’m falling in love' or 'I think I know what this feeling is.' It was, 'It would make sense to me if I ended up being a gay person.'

"It very quickly became a hormonal urge, but I remember when it first occurred to me that I might be gay, it was more like realizing that that would be the thing that would make sense for a lot of things that I had felt over the course of my whole life, and maybe that was an explanatory construct.

"And I remember thinking that....and then my next thought...and I shit you not...was, 'But I hate softball!' And so I thought, 'I can’t possibly be a lesbian, because the only thing I know about lesbians is they play softball and I will never.'" - Rachel Maddow, from my Pride'09 Magazine interview.

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