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Lech Walesa: Madonna Is Committing A Satanic Provocation Against Poland

Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Polish president Lech Walesa plans to join a protest against Madonna's August concert in Warsaw, saying that she had dishonored his religion by posing as the Black Madonna of Czestochowa on the cover of a Polish magazine three years ago. Walesa is especially angry because the concert falls on a Catholic holiday important to Poles. From the Christianist news outlet
"It's a satanic provocation" Walesa said at a press conference. Pointing to the icon of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa that he has been carrying pinned to his lapel for decades, Walesa said: "I carry this portrait on my chest, so it is understandable, that I am not glad about this concert taking place on the day of Her feast." "I am a man of faith and I would ask for such events not to happen on the day of such an important feast of my religion," Walesa said. He added that he would be willing to meet with the pop star to discuss a change of dates for the concert. "I have nothing against her personally, even though she has committed many provocations," Walesa observed. Krzysztof Zagozda of the Catholic group Unum Principum also shared his opinion about the 50-year-old singer's concert date: "It offends our religious faith. Besides that, Madonna's performances are anti-Christian."
Still pissing off Catholics after all these years! Protesters are planning a prayer crusade for the two weeks leading up to the show, presumably to ask the mythical Madonna to smite this earthly pretender.

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