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Australian Rugby Fights Homophobia

Jockohomo is back from hiatus and brings us this neat story:

Australia’s national rugby union team, the Wallabies, have the backs of the Sydney Convicts (Australia’s only gay rugby union team, and current title holders of the Bingham Cup) and agreed to take part in the This Is Oz campaign, ACON’s social inclusion initiative aimed at fighting discrimination against Australia’s GLBT communities. The Wallabies decided to take part after meeting with The Sydney Convicts, club founder and former president Andrew Purchas told SX news;

“We’re very pleased that the Wallabies and the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) has been so responsive and willing to support us and come on board with This Is Oz. Having these kind of high level professional sportsmen giving their support goes a long way to breaking down barriers , and countering the stereotypes and supporting diversity and acceptance … Kids really look up to these guys and follow their lead, so it really does a lot of good.”

More photos of intellectually evolved straight Australian athletes are here.

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