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Gay Activist Heckles Bill Clinton

Gay activist and blogger Lane Hudson heckled Bill Clinton about DADT and DOMA during Clinton's speech at the Netroots Nation conference in Pittsburgh yesterday. Andres Duque has the full transcript of Clinton's response, which he began by telling Hudson he'd fit in as one of the town hall screamers.
Hey, you know, you ought to go to one of those congressional health care meetings. You did really well there. I’ll be glad to talk about that. If you will… If you will sit down and let me talk, I’ll be glad to discuss it. But if you stand up and scream I won’t be able to talk. But the other guys would love to have ya. I wanna talk a little about that too.

But anyway, so, here we are in a different world. Now, it’s not like the 1990’s. You wanna talk about ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’, I’ll tell you exactly what happened. You couldn’t deliver me any support in the Congress and they voted by a veto-proof majority in both houses against my attempt to let gays serve in the military and the media supported them. They raised all kinds of devilment. And all most of you did was to attack me instead of getting some support in the congress. Now, that’s the truth.

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