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The "Marriage Minutemen" Of New Jersey

As New Jersey moves ever closer to becoming the next state to legalize same-sex marriage, Christianists there have organized into a group they are calling the "Marriage Minutemen."
Two years ago, Jason Scalzi volunteered to serve a tour with the Air National Guard in Iraq. Now back home, the 35-year-old has signed up for what he says is a moral battle on home soil: He has enlisted as a Minuteman - that is, a Marriage Minuteman. That name may sound fierce - and so does Scalzi when he discusses his opposition to marriage between same-sex couples. "We want to stop any redefinition of marriage that happens without a public vote," he said. Scalzi said he does not know what the Minutemen's fight will entail. For now, he expects to write letters to officials, make phone calls reaching out for support and volunteer whatever time he can.
Last week the Catholic bishops of New Jersey weighed in too, publishing a 2300-word anti-gay screed in all of the state's parish bulletins.

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