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Palin Eyeing Hamptons Home?

New York Social Diary reports a rumor that Sarah Palin is shopping for a new home in the Hamptons.
The rumor going around is that Sarah Palin, the now ex-governor of Alaska, has been looking at real estate in the Hamptons and is considering three different properties in Hampton Bays. The presumed projection is that Ms. Palin is going to write a multi-million dollar best seller, then have a talk radio show and then will rally the troops and run against Obama in 2012. Supposedly she resigned her office because she found out she could make a lot of money and great political strides in the aforementioned way. If so, she will be the first governor of a state in the history of the Republic to leave office before it was over so that she could make a bundle and prepare for the Presidency.
(Tipped by JMG reader David)

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