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Jenna Bush Joins Today Show Cast

Jenna Bush Hager, the "wild child" of the Dubya twins, will be joining the cast of the Today Show as a news correspondent.
The 27-year-old daughter of President George W. Bush will contribute stories about once a month, Today executive producer Jim Bell told The Associated Press. Hager, who is currently teaching in Baltimore, said she always wanted to write and teach, but never saw herself on TV. "It wasn't something I'd always dreamed to do," she said. "But I think one of the most important things in life is to be open-minded and to be open-minded for change." Hager has authored two books, both of which she promoted on Today. It was during Hager's segment to promote Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope, her book about an HIV-infected single mother, that Bell got the idea to hire her as a correspondent. Bell said she had a "natural presence" and comfort level on the air that the producers liked.
In addition to being an HIV activist, Jenna once offered the Bush family ranch to Ellen DeGeneres for her wedding to Portia de Rossi. The offer was made live on Ellen's show and was obviously a joke (and a jab at her dad, probably), but many took it as a sign of gay-friendliness.

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