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Pro-Gay Religious Billboards Appear Along Texas Interstate

A series of billboards quoting scripture thought by some to be affirming of homosexuality have been erected along I-30 in the Dallas/Fort Work area by the Metropolitan Community Church.
Christine Lutz was traveling down Interstate-30, just east of Fort Worth, when she came face to face with a billboard containing a pro-gay message. "I cringed. I was disgusted at the same time," she said. The billboard angered Lutz so much, that she fired off a stern e-mail. "I said how dare you take the scriptures and twist it to fit your needs," she recalled. There are four billboards with similar pro-gay messages along I-30 that have started a debate among Christians in North Texas. Rev. Jon Haack, with Promise Metropolitan Community Church, said, "If we go back to the gospel readings, we don't find anything within those texts that discriminate or exclude against gay and lesbian people. Gay and lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people are part of God's creation too." Rev. Haack is with one of five local churches sponsoring the billboards that advocate gay acceptance by all Christians. One billboard reads, "The early church welcomed a gay man." Another one reads, "Jesus affirmed a gay couple."
The billboards will be up for the month of September. More examples here.

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