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Whoopi Goldberg Sends A Message To Hungarian Gays

Whoopi Goldberg sends a message to the people of Hungary, saluting all the gay Pride marchers and urging the government and citizens to behave respectfully and peacefully towards the participants. Just fantastic! And today the Budapest police gave their official permission for the parade.
Budapest police officially announced on Monday that they were registering this coming Saturday's Gay Pride parade, and warned residents to expect significant road closures during the event. Police can ban events or register them, but they do not grant permits. The parade is a manifestation of the right to assembly of Hungarian citizens, said a police statement. "All citizens in Hungary have the right to demonstrate and to express their opinions," it added. Last Friday, Ilona Ekes, a member of the main opposition Fidesz Party called on the police to ban the gathering, saying it could create fear and revulsion in people and endanger the development of minors. And she called for a social and professional dialogue on homosexuality, which she called a "mental injury."

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