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Even MORE Unbelievably Outrageous Lies From Protect Marriage Washington

The script from the below ad from Protect Marriage Washington:
Our position is not about hate, its about love. Its about having a true consideration for the next generations future; its about keeping the teaching of morals and preserving the most fundamental part of human relations, the original intent of marriage, ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, no other way. Were not denying rights; we are rejecting an attempt to redefine marriage... In May of 2004, Gay marriage was legalized in Scandinavia..

What Happened..? Did you know... That year alone suicide rates doubled. The illegal drug rate increased 19 times. And to say the least the traditional picture of Marriage being One Man One Women was completely shattered. What about our country? Did you know...77% of ALL aids cases in the United States are related to homosexuality Also, recent news reports indicate that the legalization of gay marriage will start a movement that will result in YOUR CHILDREN being taught about gay marriage as a normal form of life. Are we willing to let this happen? Whose future is really at stake?

A YouTube commenter points out:
Sweden introduced registered partnerships (including same sex partnerships) in 1995. Sweden did not allow same sex marriages until April of 2009. Norway introduced registered´╗┐ partnerships (including same sex partnerships) in 1993. Norway did not allow same sex marriages until January of 2009. Denmark introduced registered partnerships (including same sex partnerships) in 1989. Denmark does not have same sex marriages. Scandinavia is not a country it is a geographic region that includes Sweden, Norway and Denmark. These countries´╗┐ have separate governments that have created separate laws on same sex marriage.
So. People are going to KILL themselves twice as much and take 19 times as many drugs if Referendum 71 passes. The Christian right has zero shame. We knew that already, of course, but this one beggars belief.

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