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Remember The Party 2009

Today I was finally able to sit down and sort through a few hundred photos and put together a slideshow and upload a couple of videos from Sunday's epic Remember The Party event in San Francisco, where as you can see above, the event's promoters even tipped my birthday on a banner over the dance floor. What an incredible night!

Big huge thanks to my dear friend Leif Wauters for organizing things and for the delicious mirror ball birthday cake! And teary teary hugs to all my boys for coming from all over the country: Mark & Tim, Doug & Bill, Father Tony & Chris, Ken & Jim (Philly), Ken & Jim (Los Angeles), Little David, Nick, Little Tom, Aaron, Chris C., Craig, Ned, Jerry, Aaron, Matt & Frank, Lee, and Zod help me if I've left anybody out. At the party, Matt Foreman's husband Frank had "I (Heart) Joe" stickers for everybody, in case you're wondering what those little JMG heads are on everybody.

The music, as always, was incredible. As I've said here before, Gay Disco Rule #1 is "Sylvester will never be topped." Gay Disco Rule #2: "DJ Jerry Bonham does not fail." (I thought LA Ken's head would explode when Jerry played M's Moonlight And Musak.) Here's the setlist, I'll have a link to purchase the evening's complete box set as soon as it comes out. The Remember The Party team put on a completely amazing and fabulous evening - I even got to meet and hang out a bit with UK nu-disco star Shena Winchester, so cool. (It's "Shen-nah", she let me know.)

The sound quality isn't perfect in the two clips below, but you'll get an idea of explosive joy provided by DJ Jerry Bonham and the party's fantastic light crew. As for the slideshow, it's safe for work, provided you can look at photos of half-nekkid furry menz. Thanks again to everybody for the kind of 50th birthday party an aging disco queen can only dream of. My chiffon is wet, my chiffon is wet, darlings!

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