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DC's Catholic Charities Complains About Bad Press Over Same-Sex Marriage Threat

Good As You reports that DC's Catholic Charities placed a message in yesterday's Sunday bulletin of St. Peters's Cathedral to complain that the press was misreporting their threat to suspend social services if same-sex marriage is approved. Take it away, Jeremy Hooper:
It would be one thing if they came right out and said, "Look, we simply don't wanna serve the needs of the local gay population, and we're hoping you will help us justify our right to retain both faith-based bias and public funds." While we will never respect the motivation, we could almost respect the transparency. But they are not doing this. They are deliberately obfuscating, in order to once again cast gays in the "militant" role and they in the "victim" one. And worse yet: They are doing it in church bulletins, documents that should be the most forthright, trustworthy pieces of paper within this or any cathedral's four walls. There's no other word for it but shameful.
Read the text of the complaint. Catholic Charities claims the new law will make them "ineligible" for DC's social services contracts. Not that they will suspend services rather than comply with the law. Doubledoublespeakspeak.

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