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Houston: Wingnut Mails Anti-Gay Annise Parker Flier To 35,000 Voters

The right wing is stepping up their anti-gay campaign against openly lesbian Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker.

Via Towleroad:
Dave Wilson, an electrician who has spent years pestering incumbent politicians of both parties, has turned his sights on Houston Controller Annise Parker. He says that Parker should not be mayor because 'homosexual behavior leads to extinction.' Wilson says he is mailing the fliers to 35,000 Houston voters who cast ballots both in the November mayoral election and in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. 'I'd like to energize the conservative Christian base in Houston, and get them to vote,' he said...'I don't see a good family, a Christian family, one man, one woman,' Wilson said. 'It's a picture of her and her mate being sworn in in public and that's the image I have a problem with.' 11 News asked Wilson what he believes is wrong with the city having an openly gay mayor. 'The openly gay lifestyle leads to extinction,' he said. 'You can't reproduce.'"
Parker currently leads in polls for the coming runoff election.

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