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More Right-Wingers Attack LDS Support Of Salt Lake City LGBT Rights

Today the anti-gay right-wing group America Forever faxed 80,000 members of the Mormon Church a message attacking the LDS's recent support of Salt Lake City's new LGBT right law.
It is an outrage that The LDS Church was placed in this position by the gays from Utah and their movement; it is a shame to all the people of the state. The LDS Church should not be placed in this position. The reason the gays continue to harass The LDS Church is because they feel that the endorsement will sway all of the citizens of Utah and make state legislators promote the gay agenda. Furthermore, dragging the church down this road will do great harm. If people of the state of Utah and legislators are not careful, the gays will come up with a way to prove that The LDS Church runs the state and that it has too much political power, putting the church’s tax exemption status at risk. As members of the church, one must stand with the truth and separate themselves politically from being swayed by church endorsement. Everyone knows where The LDS Church stands and God does not endorse homosexuality to the children, it is a sin against nature. Stop waiting for the church to stand up and say: “please do all you can to save marriage in California”. All these laws are nothing but a backdoor to same sex marriage. Anti-discrimination laws open the backdoor for mayors to give out marriage licenses like in, San Francisco, New Jersey, San Diego, and many other cities in the nation.
The message concludes: "You have said no to drugs, no to pornography, no to prostitution, why can’t you say no to homosexuality?"

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