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Red Alert From Maine's No On 1

Maine's No On 1 team has issued the following alert seeking volunteers who can get up there tonight or tomorrow.
The "Drive for Equality" hotel in South Portland still has space available, and the staging locations still need volunteers. We're trying to entice Boston and NH people to make last-minute spur- of-the-moment decisions to come up here. So the word needs to get out on blogs very quickly this morning -- with the following talking points:

(A) We are providing FREE HOTEL ROOM SPACE for anyone from out-of- state who can make a spur-of-the-moment decision to drive up here, and volunteer. We have actually managed to recruit a few people at the last minute, and I know we can do more if the word gets out.
(B) The hotel is in South Portland. We have a block of rooms for tonight and tomorrow night, so people can stay until Wednesday.
(C) We're down by 4 points in the last poll -- this election is coming down to the last day-and-a-half. We could very well lose, simply because we don't have enough troops on the ground. New Hamsphire and Boston folks can easily get here -- and we will put them up if need be.
(D) People who sign up at the website will get a call back within 15 minutes.
(E) Our phone number -- someone will always answer it -- is 415-935-4552.
New Englanders - If ever there was a reason to take a mental health day...

You can also help with tomorrow's Election Day ad blitz.

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