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Another Heterosexual Pervert Busted For Having Sex With Horses

Emboldened by the widespread granting of "straight" rights, yet another deviant heterosexual has been arrested for bestiality - the next perverted stop on the slippery slope of "tolerance" for these degenerates who will have sex with anyone or any animal, as long as it's an act of opposite-sex "love."
An 18-year-old man was busted for having sex with horses at a Hudson Valley harness track, authorities said Friday. Erick Rivera was charged with five counts each of sexual misconduct with an animal and burglary after a six-month investigation at the Goshen Historic Track in Orange County. Rivera sneaked into the track at night from his nearby rented room and abused the animals, Goshen Village Police Chief James Watt said. Horsemen became suspicious beginning in July when they found the fillies bridled and immobilized in their stalls during morning checks.
We can expect that this revolting case will be defended by the infamous North American Man-Filly Love Association (NAMFLA), whose disgusting motto is "My Mount Is A Mare." America is doomed. Praise His Name!

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