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Daily Grumble

A dozen or so times this week, wingnut lackeys have attempted to friend me on Facebook, thinking that I won't just look at their friend list and see their connections to Tony Perkins, "Bishop" Harry Jackson, Matt Barber, etc. Dumbasses. Even though my Facebook page has tons of strangers on it, it's very rare that I get a request from somebody who doesn't have at least ten or twenty mutual "friends" with me. I guess they're trying to catch me saying something on Facebook that they can use against me. Which doesn't make much sense, I can't imagine how I can possibly be more insulting or rude there than I am on this here website thingy. I try, I really try. And why are all these nobodies big-haired women? Seriously, fuck all of you hags. Fuck you right in the ear. How's that?

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