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DC Cop Draws Gun At Snowball Fight

A Washington DC police detective is under heavy criticism today for drawing his gun in a crowd of blizzard revelers after his Hummer was hit by a snowball.
The neighborhood snowball fight at 14th and U streets was advertised online. By 3 p.m., more than 200 residents converged for the massive snowball fight. "No one meant any harm, no one meant anything by -- just having fun, it's highly unfortunate," said Tisha West. "We're Washingtonians and we like to play in the blizzard." But things started to turn for the worse when the crowd -- some carrying anti-war signs and dressed all in black with masks -- began to pelt passing cars. A plain clothes D.C. police detective emerged from a Hummer -- it's unclear whether it was his personal vehicle or an unmarked police vehicle -- after it was struck. The detective began yelling at the gathered crowd. At one point, he pulled back his jacket, exposing his service weapon -- it's unclear if he did this intentionally. That's when things took a darker turn. "It was pretty fun," said Jason Mogavero. "There were 200 people exchanging snowballs non-stop across 14th Street. And then, you know, when the gun came out, it changed the tone of the thing a little bit." The gun belonged to a uniformed officer who showed up with his pistol out of the holster -- he did not point it at anyone. Assistant Chief Peter Newsham says the officer was responding to a 911 call reporting a man with a gun in the crowd -- apparently the man was a plainclothes D.C. police detective.
Two things come to mind. First, the douchebaggery of Hummer owners in general, and second, the fuckweaselry of hijacking a holiday snowball fight with "anarchist" outfits and masks.

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