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Happy 2010, Y'All

It was a year of homophobes and haters, but also one of heroes, milestones, and some pretty terrific victories. I cranked out about 6000 posts on this here website thingy and you folks responded with over 300,000 comments as traffic more than doubled. JMG got some great notice from the Anti-Violence Project, the Advocate, Instinct Magazine, and After Elton, although I'll admit that I took special pleasure from that whole FBI terrorist threat nonsense.

I marched in the NYC Pride parade for the first time (with 50 other LGBT bloggers) and covered many marriage rallies, protests and celebrations, Broadway fundraisers, and other LGBT charity events. And sadly, a sobering number of hate crime vigils. On a more personal note, accompanied by two dozen dear friends, I had an unbelievably great 50th birthday trip to San Francisco, where I was stunned with the city's Joe Jervis Day proclamation, then followed that up with a fabulous week-long press junket to Key West. And wahoo, my interview with Rachel Maddow made the cover of the national Pride Magazine.

So, yeah, it was an exciting, aggravating, fun, angry-making (but overall groovy) year here on JMG and for me personally. I humbly thank all of you for being there for the ride. Here's to 2010! Raise up our heroes and screw the asshats!

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