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Larry Sinclair Is Running For Congress

Larry Sinclair, the gay multiple felon who wrote a book in which he claimed to have had oral sex and snorted cocaine with Barack Obama, is running for Congress in Florida's 24th District. In his announcement, Sinclair boldly lists his felony convictions and his dozen food service job.
I have criminal convictions between 1981 thru 1986 for "Theft" based on writing bad checks; "Forgery" for signing former Youth Counselors names to checks, and "Unauthorized use of a Financial Transaction Device" from using a credit card number by phone to pay a hotel stay in 1986. I do not hide from my past and I have always admitted to my wrong doings. Now there are people who have and will continue to misrepresent and distort my past, but that will not deter me from running for the U.S. Congressional Seat in Florida District 24. I am a life long openly gay male who has not needed to force others to accept me or my lifestyle. It is time that the people are represented by the people and not individuals who have made millions from Public Office. I am disabled and have been since a series of work accidents from October 2000 through August 2, 2001. Prior to my becoming disabled I held employment with Marriott, Hilton and Westin Hotels; Ft. Lauderdale's Famous Pier 66 Hotel; Tony Roma's (both Franchise & Corporate units); Sky Chef; South Miami Beaches Rooney's Pub; Denny's; operated my own catering business briefly in Lakewood Colorado; as well as a Truck Driver for a Fresno California company before moving to Sacramento, CA for a job driving Bobtails for B&G Delivery Systems, Inc.
Sinclair famously failed a polygraph test over his allegations about Barack Obama, yet is still championed on sites like Free Republic, where commenters frequently use his allegations to claim that the president is secretly gay. Sinclair says he's presently living on disability payments of $700/month and is therefore better suited for Congress than Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, "who has a net worth of $10+Mil dollars." Visit Sinclair's site here, but beware - he has Barbra Streisand on autoplay. SRSLY.

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