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Alliance Defense Fund Accuses Twitter Of Blocking Their Prop 8 Tweets

From the Facebook page of the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund:
Alliance Defense Fund Blocked: ADF Attorney believes Twitter updates from @AllianceDefense @ADFmedia @AllianceAlert @ProtectMarriage are being excluded from twitter search. ADF Attorney contacted Twitter to have censorship of Twitter accounts immediately stopped. We will keep you posted. Only way for our updates to currently show up in twitter search is to have them re-posted by others.
The San Francisco Weekly says they may be right.
The Alliance Defense Fund -- whose attorneys are co-counsels in the ongoing Proposition 8 trial -- claims that Twitter updates from @AllianceDefense, @ProtectMarriage, @ADFmedia, and @AllianceAlert have been blocked from Twitter's search function. While all four accounts have been tweeting over the past 24 hours, especially regarding the Prop. 8 trial, almost all of those tweets don't show up via Twitter's search function. For example, searching "From:AllianceDefense" at 8:45 a.m. last revealed a tweet sent 20 hours ago, though scores of tweets have been sent on that account since then (some of which accuse Twitter of blocking the account). Searches show no results whatsoever for @AllianceAlert and @ADFmedia, and imply such accounts do not exist -- though all of these accounts have been active (and exist). The conservative groups have been imploring readers to retweet their posts, as retweets are showing up on Twitter's search, even while original tweets are not.
However the SFW also notes that some of their own editor's tweets also do not show up on a search, possibly meaning that the search function itself is borked. Still, it seems odd that so many bigoted orgs are not showing up.

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