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Beware The Attack Of The Marching Band!

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has published their "Top Ten Anti-Christian Attacks Of 2009." As you would expect, those dirty queers made the list three times, include the top two "attacks."
1. The Federal Hate Crimes Bill that attacks religious liberty and freedom of speech. For the first time in our history ministers are vulnerable to investigation and prosecution for telling the truth about homosexuality.

2. President Obama's appointment of radical anti-Christians like homosexual activist Kevin Jennings as the "safe school czar;" pro-abortion advocate Kathleen Seblius made Secretary of Human and Health Services, and Chai Feldblum, pro-homosexual and anti-religious liberty judge nominated for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

7. The overt homosexual participation in Obama's presidential inaugural events by "Bishop" Vickie Eugene Robinson, the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington D. C., and a homosexual marching band.
Unsurprisingly, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission takes no responsibility for the murders, bullying, beatings, and firings of LGBT people, all done in the name of their religion on every single day of 2009.

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