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HomoQuotable - Patrick Muirhead

"My skeptical buddies will splutter, 'You what?! Miss Patsy, trouser-chaser extraordinaire, has decided she’s now dancing at the other end of the ballroom? Pur-leeeeeeeze!' They have seen little evidence of an interest in the opposite sex during my adult life, nor asked why. And that’s the clincher. If there had been an interest, it became eclipsed by other more instant, carnal and deliciously taboo temptations, so it never gained light to grow. For 20 years, my life took a track that stifled the fragile stems of a family man that wanted to emerge.

"So I will have to face down a tidal wave of doubt as I’m coming out in public. People will look at me strangely now — though I doubt they’ll mutter, 'Well, of course, we always wondered. After all, he is interested in real ale and piston engines.' For it is true: I quite like girls. But there is no pink meteor shower for this announcement; no glittered cabaret or niche community willing to clutch me to its bosom and claim me as a sister. Just a little whiff of suspicion. Some will dismiss it as heresy. I have long argued that homosexuality is natural but abnormal, to a torrent of hostility from gay friends who refuse to acknowledge that what you are and what stake you hold in society are not the same." - British pilot Patrick Muirhead, in a bitchy Times Online essay titled The Day I Decided To Stop Being Gay.

Muirhead says he's found Godly moral love in the arms of a Ukrainian woman named Olga after spending twenty years doing gay-ass things "you don't want to know." Presumably Olga arrived C.O.D.

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