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Obama Issues Message Of Support For Martha Coakley For Senate

On Tuesday Massachusetts votes on Ted Kennedy's Senate replacement, a contest that attracted huge donations from health care reform opponents. Today the president issued the below endorsement of MA Attorney General Martha Coakley, an outspoken advocate for health care reform AND a friend of the LGBT community.

UPDATE: GOProud head Christopher Barron has posted another diatribe, this time accusing the "gay left" of "smearing" Coakley's opponent, one-time Cosmo centerfold Scott Brown, whom Barron supports. Via DC Agenda:
The gay left, always willing to do the bidding of the DNC, is attempting to characterize Scott Brown as ‘anti-gay’. This paper ran a headline that blared “Could an anti-gay Republican win Kennedy’s Seat?” The Edge, a New England gay paper, had a similar headline in December, “Anti-gay Mass. Pol Seeks to Succeed Kennedy.” Unfortunately there are far too many folks in this country who deserve the label anti-gay, and some of those folks are politicians. Indeed some people in this country make a living demonizing gay people and our families. However, attaching the label “anti-gay” to every single politician or person who is not 100 percent aligned with the political agenda of the gay left is not only unfair but wildly counter-productive. In the case of Scott Brown, the gay left is guilty of being little more than the partisan boy who cried wolf.

What’s the truth about Scott Brown? I will concede up front, that Scott Brown doesn’t support same-sex marriage. Brown, however, has stated that same-sex marriage in Massachusetts is settled law and that he personally supports civil unions. Brown has also said that he believes marriage is a state issue and that each state should be free to make its own law regarding same-sex marriage. Sound familiar? It should, because it’s the same position taken by President Barack Obama.

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