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PhoboQuotable - Michelle Malkin

"Hollywood and political celebrities are such lemmings. AIDS ribbons. Foreign baby adoptions. Livestrong bracelets. Now, every fame-seeker and left-wing panderer wants his/her mouth duct-taped to show solidarity with the gay marriage movement. The latest slave to fashion? Cindy McCain, following in the oh-so-edgy-for-Tinseltown footsteps of her daughter, MEghan. Who’s silencing these Prop. 8 opponents? They’re more overexposed than Mariah Carey’s bosom.

"They can talk and talk and talk without fear of retribution, intimidation, or physical violence. Meanwhile, Prop. 8 supporters and donors have been hounded, threatened, blacklisted, beaten, and forced to resign from their jobs for exercising their political free speech. Cindy and MEghan McCain’s silence on the continued thuggery of their anti-Prop. 8 duct-tape wielders speaks volumes." - The relentlessly detestable Michelle Malkin, treading the familiar wingnut path of citing a handful of incidents to condemn tens of millions of Americans.

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