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Quote Of The Day - Bono

"Caution! The only thing protecting the movie and TV industries from the fate that has befallen music and indeed the newspaper business is the size of the files. The immutable laws of bandwidth tell us we’re just a few years away from being able to download an entire season of “24” in 24 seconds. Many will expect to get it free. A decade’s worth of music file-sharing and swiping has made clear that the people it hurts are the creators — in this case, the young, fledgling songwriters who can’t live off ticket and T-shirt sales like the least sympathetic among us — and the people this reverse Robin Hooding benefits are rich service providers, whose swollen profits perfectly mirror the lost receipts of the music business." - U2 frontman Bono, writing for the New York Times.

Bono blames ISPs for facilitating illegal file sharing and suggests that it's time to copy China's campaign to monitor internet content. This had made him very unpopular on Twitter and elsewhere today.

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