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Quote Of The Day - Gary Cass

"What exactly did Pat [Roberston] say that was so terribly egregious? First he retold a very familiar story about the history of Haiti about a pact that was made by its revolutionary leaders. In exchange for help in throwing out the French Haiti would serve satan. Some have disputed this ever happened. But what is indisputable is Haiti's history ever since then has been one of incredible suffering. [snip]

"The overwhelming majority of Americans believe in God and /or moral causality. Eastern religions call it Karma, but Christians call it God's Providence. I wonder if the reason that so many hate Pat is because he expressed what many Americans don't want to face- the moral and spiritual dimension of our lives. Agree or disagree with what Pat said, it was well within the bounds of historic Christian theology. Maybe that's the real problem after all." - Christian Anti-Defamation Commission spokesdouche Gary Cass, who agrees with Pat Robertson that God is punishing Haiti for making a pact with Satan.

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