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Quote Of The Day - Peter Daou

"Nothing should have been a bigger red flag to the new administration than the growing complaints by established progressive bloggers that Democrats were veering off track on the stimulus, the health care bill, civil liberties, gay rights, and more. But scoffing at the netroots is second nature in many quarters of the political establishment, even though they laid the groundwork for Obama's victory. The single biggest reason Obama's hope bubble burst is because of the unintended convergence of left and right opinion-making.

"The cauldron of opinion that churns incessantly on blogs, Twitter, social networks, and in the elite media generates the storylines that filter across the national and local press, providing the fodder for public opinion. Stalwarts of the left, dedicated to principles not personalities, hammered the administration; couple that with the partisan criticisms from conservatives and libertarians, and the net effect was to alter conventional wisdom and undercut Obama's image and message." - Former Hillary Clinton internet adviser Peter Daou, in a Huffington Post essay titled Liberal Bloggers To Obama And Dems: We Told You So.

UNRELATED: Before he was a policy wonk, Peter and his wife Vanessa were known as the electronic/dance duo The Daou, whose epic 11-minute 1992 deep house classic Surrender Yourself became an underground/gay club standard, hitting #1 on Billboard's dance chart. This, of course, raises Peter Daou's cred for me.

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