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Via Craiglist NYC:
my name is william and i am a 29 year old gay male from pennsylvania and am ObSeSeD!!! with lAdY GAga! i have 2 tickets for the 1/21 show at Radio City Music Hall (my fav venu haha) and i want to go with a woman and am willing to give up 1 ticket for her for FREE. butt in return i want her to come with me to meet my jewish mother (crazy) and have coffee with her and me as she passes through the city. she duznt know i am OUT yet and i cant have that convo with her yet. all my lesbian friends are sooo butch so i was hoping for a straight girl. i will even buy food and drinks all night w/ the ticket too..everything is on me.. i kind of want to be straight for 1 night (except for the fact that im goinz to the gaga concert...HOLLA gayboys!..) but i think it would be cool, maybe we can hook up too, i havent seen a vagina since i was 13 and i have a big dick, so who knows...maybe we can have some fun! straight girlz only please..gayboys hit me up on grindr only (wilzim29) i wanna be straight for a night so leave me alone and make my mother happy!
(Tipped by JMG reader Andrew)

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