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Trippin' To The Oldies

Flags, fans, tambourines, claves, cowbells, and baby powder. Sunday's third installment of the Saint reunion party, Trippin' On The Moon, was an end-to-end delight. I walked in to Linda Clifford's sultry 1978 classic Runaway Love and left about seven hours later shortly after the Love Unlimited Orchestra's My Sweet Summer Suite. Perfection. The clip below has some seriously borked audio as I spun around the room too damn close to the speakers at times, so turn it down. But starting around the middle keep an eye out for some JMG regulars, including Charlie, who gives us a short dance floor castanet performance. Congrats to promoter Christine Visca and DJs Micheal Fierman and Robbie Leslie for another fantastic night. The next Trippin' will be in April. Can't wait.

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