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Catholic Group: Openly Gay Soldiers Will Give You AIDS & STDs

The American Society for the Preservation of Tradition, Family, and Property, whom you may recall as the red-sashed wingnut Catholic group that stands on corners waving anti-gay signs, has issued a lengthy condemnation of the attempt to repeal DADT, saying that the "homosexual deathstyle" will result in gay soldiers spreading AIDS and STDs to others in their units.
During wartime, men are in continual contact with each other’s blood. Therefore, the well documented increased disease rates of homosexuals would cause them to be perceived as a risk rather than an asset to unit survival. This increased disease rate should not be underestimated. As Colonel Ronald Ray pointed out: “Despite the fact that they account for less than 2 percent of the total American population, a compilation of recent health studies shows that homosexuals account for 80 percent of America’s most serious sexually transmitted diseases.” This increased disease rate has led some to refer to the homosexual lifestyle as a “deathstyle.” Inclusion of this deathstyle in our Armed Forces is a dangerous proposition, indeed. With these factors in mind, it is simply impossible to suggest that openly serving homosexuals would not damage unit cohesion. Current law and many officers corroborate this affirmation.
RELATED: HIV rates in the U.S. Navy were revealed last last year to have doubled in the last ten years, an increase attributed in part to a mere 50% condom usage rate among unmarried sailors, many of whom employ female prostitutes in foreign ports. The Navy is also investigating a possible correlation between alcohol abuse and the rise in HIV.

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