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National Enquirer Claims Anderson Cooper To Adopt Haitian Baby

The National Enquirer is claiming that Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend are going to adopt a Haitian baby.
Hard-charging CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper was so moved by the suffering from the earthquake in Haiti, he's decided to adopt a Haitian orphan, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. The silver-haired journalist and his hunky boyfriend, Ben Maisani, plan to raise the child together in their recently purchased home, a former firehouse they're renovating in New York's West Village, pals say. "The death and destruction in Haiti made Anderson realize what's really important. He and Ben have decided to become dads," a longtime friend told The ENQUIRER. "Ben has been the best thing that's ever happened to Anderson. They both feel they're ready for a baby."
This story is probably crap, but we've learned not to dismiss the Enquirer quite so quickly after their recent string of scoops, most notably the John Edwards story. What are Haiti's rules are for gay adoption anyway?

UPDATE: Andy Towle says Cooper is telling him that the story is false.

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