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Saturday: NYC Trocadero Reunion

This Saturday original Trocadero Transfer DJ Bobby Viteritti will spin a reunion party at Dance 208, the NYC LGBT Center's dance party series.
Dance:208 debuts another great new night: a tribute to San Francisco's legendary gay nightclub from the day Trocadero Transfer with one of its original djs Bobby Viteritti. Trocadero was as famous in its day as The Saint. The Trocadero Transfer was the most popular gay after hours dance club in San Francisco from its opening in December 1977 to the early 1990s. DJ Bobby Viteritti ( was the primary DJ at the Trocadero when it was at its zenith from 1978 to 1981. So get out your dancin' shoes whether you remember the 70s or just saw the movie! It'll be a special one-only night for both disco geeks and dance music lovers.
Facebook event page and ticket information here.

VIDEO: Here's some shots of the Trocadero and Bobby Viteritti laid over the classic Magnifique.

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