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Wal-Mart, Executive Producer

The Family Research Council triumphantly notes that Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble are collaborating on original "family friendly" television programming.
Launched last week, the collaboration between two of the United States' corporate powerhouses is part of a broader effort to give parents a refuge from the around-the-clock filth on American networks. Both Walmart and P&G have invested millions of dollars into this exciting venture with the goal of giving families more entertainment options--a mission that 77% of moms and dads overwhelmingly support. Leading up to the launch, P&G and Walmart did plenty of market research to see how adults felt about the current state of television. Based on their research, this is the kind of partnership that American viewers not only need--but want. Only 23% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the networks' current fare. Another 85% said they would go out of their way "to find and watch quality family-friendly programming."
Wal-Mart is making television shows. Wal-Mart. Shudder. And the Family Research Council conveniently fails to mention that the most consistently raunchy genre on television, the soap opera, was invented by and continues to be largely sponsored by Proctor & Gamble. That little seventy year history doesn't help when you're trying to scam your followers into rewarding you for "changing the face of television." The FRC will be hosting both companies at the upcoming Values Voters Summit.

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